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2024 Wedding trends and insider tips for your big day !

Updated: Mar 18

Calling all brides-to-be! Explore the latest wedding trends for 2024 and get insider tips for your big day.

In 2024, wedding design takes inspiration from fine art, featuring elegant bows and drapery (that i Adore!). None a surprise i see it coming when I attented the 2023 Barcelona Fashion Week and continues to captivate couples.

brides wearing wedding dresses to showcase the wedding trend 2024

An exciting shift in weddings is towards more meaningful and intimate guest experiences.

Beyond just providing comfort with shuttle services and accommodations, couples are personalizing their events with live painting experiences. Imagine artists capturing your ceremony or reception in real-time, creating unforgettable memories for you and your guests.

live painting in a wedding reception

Signature cocktails are a must-have for 2024 weddings, offering a customized touch. Mix and match flavors to reflect your tastes as a couple, and give your drinks fun, unique names.

Elevate your first dance with special effects and live entertainment, like hiring a talented saxophonist to serenade you. Who didn't see the video of the couple having glitter for their first dance ? this will leave your guests in a WOW reaction.

first dance wedding with glitter

For a memorable conclusion to your celebration, consider a private last dance. This intimate moment allows you and your partner to reflect on the day's events before joining your guests for the final dance.

private last dance wedding

Photographers are embracing direct flash photography to add a dynamic flair to wedding visuals, capturing candid moments with style.

flashy wedding photo trend

Corsets are making a comeback, offering structure and definition to brides of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're curvy or seeking to enhance your silhouette, corsets provide timeless elegance.

Mini wedding dresses are another trend to watch, perfect for elopements, micro-weddings, or a stylish reception outfit change. These chic dresses add a playful touch to any wedding ensemble. 

wedding dress corset trend

Stay ahead of the curve with these wedding trends for 2024 and make your big day truly unforgettable!

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